Best Podcasts for Women Over 40 to Spark Joy

Best Podcasts for Women Over 40 to Spark Joy

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Searching for the best podcasts for women over 40? If you are feeling inspired to transform your mind with some positivity, you are not the only one. Mindful self-care habits include being careful about the content you consume and podcasts provide a whole new world of possibilities.

Why are so many women self-professed and obsessed podcast junkies?  You can DO stuff and LEARN stuff at the same time! Imagine doing the dishes while you listen to your inspirational podcasts or best-self-development podcasts playing in the background.You can even listen to true crime broadcasts or get free health coaching while you make your morning commute.

How to Access Podcasts

The best part is that there is a podcast for just about every topic under the sun. So do some research on the best podcast apps, download your chosen app, and check out some options that are tailor made with you in mind.

Podcasts for Moms with an Empty Nest

Uplifting Podcasts

The empty nest can be a tricky time. Does this sound familiar: “I completely lost my identity in being a mom and I am realizing there are no mommy groups for us.” Podcasts can fill the void and help you connect with other women in your stage of life experiencing similar emotions. 

Better yet, each episode usually takes a deeper dive into a current problem or concern and offers some suggestions and solutions. Did I mention that I’m becoming a bit obsessed with podcasts?  Here are a few recent favorites:

What I love about Suzy Rosenstein’s Podcast is that she’s all about helping you get unstuck if you are in the midlife funk. 

A recent episode was all about how this is not your mom’s midlife experience. You’ll like how she acknowledges the real challenges you are facing, but still prods you to live intentionally.

Podcast:  Suzy Rosenstein’s Podcast

Favorite Episode: Feeling Like You’re in a Midlife Funk? Why it’s the Best News Ever!

You gotta love someone whose superpower is solving problems. This is the claim to fame for Jackie MacDougall at Forty Thrive Podcast. These episodes take a finite issue, break it down and offer actionable steps.

Podcast:  Forty Thrive Podcast

Favorite Episode: Is it Time to Pivot Your Career?

If you feel like you’ve lost yourself and have no idea where to find yourself, consider the Kids Are Grown, Now What? Podcast your personal lost and found room. Alice Agnello offers great insights on redefining yourself after the kids are gone. Her podcast has a stronger emphasis on relationship issues, such as parenting adult children and long-term marriage considerations.

Podcast:  Kids are Grown, Now What?

Favorite Episode:  Ep. 48:  I Found Myself. How Do I Find Her Again?

When I read these words-”You simply must decide if you are going to grow old or grow up!”- I knew I had to put the Experience 50 Podcast for Midlife  podcast on heavy rotation.

 I love that Mary Rogers isn’t afraid to take on some of the tough topics. Many of the episodes include interviews with experts and topics include careers after 50, positive ageing, and mindset matters.

PodcastExperience 50 Podcast

Favorite EpisodeCan You Start a New Career at 50?

Podcasts for Moms Seeking Greater Happiness

Inspiring Podcasts

If you find yourself asking, “What podcasts should I listen to,” you cannot go wrong with Gretchen Rubin’s Happier Podcasts

Gretchen Rubin popularized the notion of keeping a daily gratitude journal to increase your happiness. Along with her sister, they chat weekly and provide bite-size ideas to try at home. 

These strategies are always designed to improve your daily happiness. I love that the ideas are always doable and something you can implement right away.

Podcast:  Gretchen Rubin’s Podcast

FavoriteChoose a One-Word Theme for the Year 

If you are looking for uplifting podcasts, check out the Jay Shetty Podcast. Jay’s had a lot of time to think-he used to be a monk- and each week he provides a little gem that helps take your mind to a higher level. 

His inspiring guests always create a new way of looking at a situation or an event. When I go scrolling for inspirational podcasts, I usually land on the Jay Shetty Podcast.

Podcast:  Jay Shetty’s Podcast

Favorite: Dr. Daniel Amen on the Most Powerful Habits for a Healthy & Productive Brain

Podcasts for Moms Who Need a Coach

Positive Podcasts

Have you ever wished that you had a life coach to walk you through the steps to a better life?  My new favorite is Brooke Castillo’s Podcast. I mean I’m bordering on obsessed here!

 Why?  The personal development skills Brooke teaches revolutionize the thoughts in your head. When you can control your thoughts, you gain clarity and focus about goals, values, hopes, and dreams. It’s a beautiful thing. 

You can consider listening to these podcast episodes as your personal weekly coaching session. 

Podcast:  Brooke Castillo’s Podcast

Favorite:  Gifts to My Future Self

Atop the list of best self-improvement podcasts sits The Tony Robbins Podcast

What can I say about Tony Robbins?  His stuff is classic and no one does it better. As a matter of fact, there is probably no one in the realm of personal development who has not been influenced by Tony Robbins in some fashion or another. 

Tony breaks down his strategies into actionable steps that you can take to improve your life. There is no psychobabble here and Tony won’t let you get away with any of your excuses. Consider yourself warned. 

Podcast:  Tony Robbins Podcast

Favorite:  Stand Guard at the Door of Your Mind

I love that Natalie Bacon’s Design Your Life Podcast approaches self-improvement ideas through the lens of a system. Your life is a system and you must design it for success. 

Have you ever heard the adage that 80% of the problem is usually found in the system created?  If you design a life that aligns with your personal values, goals, and desires, the result is a happier YOU. Natalie’s self-improvement tips are designed to help you achieve the life you want.

Podcast:  Natalie Bacon’s Podcast

Favorite:How to Live an Intentional Life

Best Self-Improvement Podcasts

Just for the Aspiring Entrepreneur

If this season of your life has you exploring big career changes or seeking more meaningful work, make sure that you check out Cathy Heller’s Don’t Keep Your Day Job. If you like positive podcasts, this is the one for you.

Cathy Heller encourages you to identify your superpower and find a way to serve the world with your unique gifts. Each week she interviews successful and accomplished people that have found a way to bring their light into the world and actually make money doing it.

This uplifting podcast is a “must listen” on the list of every aspiring entrepreneur. 

After listening to these best podcasts for women over 40, don’t be surprised if you want a deeper dive into self-improvement tips. Learning to transform your thoughts is step one on your journey and you can learn more here.

Podcast:  Don’t Quit Your Day Job Podcast

Favorite:   Barbara Corcoran’s Stellar Advice on How to Build a Successful Business

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Best Podcasts for Women over 40 to Spark Joy

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