7 Blogs on Self-Improvement for Moms Seeking Their Best Life

7 Blogs on Self-Improvement for Moms Seeking Their Best Life

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Is it time to revamp your life? Reading posts in blogs on self-improvement is particularly worthwhile during the personal milestones of major life events, such as when your children leave the nest.

Do you ever feel like it’s time to level up?  You look around at what you’ve accomplished and realize that you aren’t exactly miserable, but you aren’t exactly overjoyed about your life. It’s like you are stuck in the Land of Okay. 

You can’t quite shake the idea that you do NOT belong here in the Land of Okay. You were designed for so much more and it is time for a breakthrough.

The challenge is that you cannot improve your life without investing in your personal growth and development. For your life to get better, you have to get better. 

Know Your Self-Improvement Goals

What if you could  pursue personal coaching with a personal life coach?  This kind of personal development training is available to you in the posts on some of these blogs on self-improvement.

Before you delve into some of these personal development tools it’s wise to get clear on your self-improvement goals.

One of the best self-development strategies for uncovering your personal goals is to describe yourself in three words. An example would be unfocused, confused, and active. Next, write down three words that describe the future self that you desire. An example would be physically fit, purposeful, and connected. 

In this one example, the writer was able to pinpoint that one of her self-development goals is in the area of physical fitness. It’s likely that her goals around a new purpose probably require the exploration of a new career or volunteer pursuit. A longing for greater connection points to a need to focus on new friendships or community involvement.

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Personal Development Topics

Once you are clear on your development needs, you can go in search of the best self-development tips from the success coach most likely to support your efforts to improve quality of life.

Areas of development often necessary for improving quality of life for the empty nester often include:

  • Change the way you think to uplevel your life
  • Benefits of positive thinking and positive thinking techniques
  • How to find your purpose
  • How to deal with personal relationships effectively
  • Creating a personal development plan
  • How to set and achieve goals
  • How to raise your personal energy level

Favorite Blogs on Self-Improvement

Did anyone else have an imaginary To Do Later list while you were crazy busy raising kids? This is the list where you put all those things you were going to focus on once the kids were older. Well it’s time to get that list out now. Now is the time to focus on your personal growth and development.

What if you studied personal development strategies as if your life depended on it?  Well, living your best life requires that you master the self-improvement skills that result in a better you. As I searched for personal development blogs to read and help in this quest, the following choices proved life changing:

#1:  Mel Robbins Blog

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For some of us the biggest challenge of the day is simply getting up out of bed every morning. Mel Robbins’ 5-Second Rule will catapult you out of bed like a rocket each morning ready to go! 

Whether she’s advising you on the ever changing patterns of friendship or helping you tackle your health goals, Mel’s advice is refreshing in its simplicity. She chunks down her ideas and gives you an actionable step to apply. Her tips are never overwhelming. You’ll find yourself thinking, “I could do that!” If you do, your life will get better. 

#2:   Lisa Nichols Blog

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Being in the orbit of Lisa Nichols feels like the sun is shining and all is right with your world. She exudes warmth, calm energy, and charisma all at the same time-a heady combination, indeed.

When you need to be reminded of the greatness that resides within you, go watch one of her video blogs. When you need an extra push to dig deep and pursue your goals with some gusto, listen to Lisa Nichols.

#3:   Gretchen Rubin’s Blog

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Gretchen Rubin has an authentic Midwestern charm that you can’t help but love. The focus of her blog is how to feel happier and you genuinely get the feeling that she practices what she preaches. 

Her suggestions run the gamut and aren’t always what you would expect regarding advice on happiness. The big takeaway here is that some small tweaks in unexpected areas of your life will increase your happiness quotient. Listening to Gretchen and creating your own happiness project is sure to improve quality of life.

#4:  Marc and Angel Hack Life

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Mark and Angel’s blog is for the woman ready to snap out of her midlife funk and get down to the serious business of improving her life. The advice is straightforward, specific, and designed to get right to the point.

Here you will find what you need to leave behind as you sail off to a new life and what is worth taking with you on your new adventures. This selection is for those that are action-oriented and ready to hack life.

#5:  Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us Blog

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As soon as I meet a real live human who does vulnerability well, I’ll let you know. Has not happened, yet. In the meantime, we have Brene Brown to take us by the hand and teach us how to process shame, stay curious, embrace vulnerability and rise strong.

A session with Brene Brown usually feels like your heart is pierced and you are feeling it all. Unabashedly, I am a fan. When you are ready to get serious and dig deep, this is the blog for you. You have been warned:).

#6:  Live Bold & Bloom

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This blog seems to be geared towards women over 40. Highly sensitive people with empathic tendencies will find a kindred spirit in this blogger. The posts focus heavily on better relationships, applying emotional intelligence, and pursuing work you love.

There are many different lists with ideas on how to pursue new activities and interests to make this season your best, yet. 

#7:  Finer Minds

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This blog is from the finer minds at MindValley and it features all of the relevant topics that encompass personal development.

You’ll note that this site places a bigger emphasis on spirituality and relationships. It also features blog posts from many different contributors so you get lots of different spins on the topic of personal development.

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For More Self-Improvement Tips

For more resources in your personal development and growth journey, you might want to check out the following:

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