Hi, I’m Kristen…..

Hi, I’m Kristen…..

I am so glad you are here.

I believe we are always writing our own story. Sometimes we have a bad case of Writer’s Block. We forget to be the Main Character driving the plot and cast ourselves as mere Supporting Characters. We get stuck.

This is a place to land, get unstuck, and reinvent yourself with the ultimate goal of creating a Second Act that dazzles, delights, and excites YOU!

These are a few things I know for sure:

*Happiness is an inside job and it all starts with your mindset

*Taking care of others requires that you have something left to give………self-care is one of the kindest things you do for those you love

*It’s possible (and even exciting) to reinvent your career after a long hiatus raising children

*Relationships (friends AND family) are tricky….let’s figure them out together……our people are worth the effort

*A woman needs her tribe……keep your female friends close because you really need them when your nest is empty

*Money is a tool you can use to create options and I like options….how about you?

*Travel, art, and music make life worth living

I help Empty Nester moms reinvent themselves A.K. (After Kids) from the inside out. This is how we do it:

*Positive Mindset

*Extreme Self-Care

*Healthy, Thriving Relationships

*Financial Independence

*Adventure + More Fun = Joy-Filled Life

Today you have the power to change your story. Let’s write some new chapters, introduce some interesting and unexpected characters, and see what plot twists occur. Project YOU promises to be a page-turner. Should be interesting. Your story begins NOW…….

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