Meet Kristen

Meet Kristen

I am so glad you are here.

I believe we are always writing our own story. Sometimes we have a bad case of Writer’s Block. We forget to be the Main Character driving the plot and cast ourselves as mere Supporting Characters. We get stuck.

I wanted a place where I could plan my next act and connect with other women who are on the same journey.

The one thing I know for sure is that things will change. With changes you learn…and you grow into the character you were always meant to be.

I learned that the girl Least Likely to Ever be a Stay-At-Home-Mom can ditch her technology sales career to be a Stay-at-Home-Mom. No one is more surprised than I am that anything can be that hard and still be so wonderful.

I learned that I can be gobsmacked by my own naivete in agreeing to move to England as an American expatriate and trailing spouse following my husband’s career. I also learned that when they say “she’s lost the plot,” it’s not a good thing. I now know that I can survive without a Target nearby and drive a small car. No Suburban required. Really. I also know what gobsmacked means.

I learned to be still and listen to my inner voice because, when I don’t, that *itch screws me every time! When she says, “It’s time to go, it’s time to go!” So I decided to reenter the workforce. First, I did some soul searching and somehow concluded that it was a lifelong dream to be a teacher. As a middle school teacher for almost five years, I proved to myself that I CAN DO ANYTHING!

I learned that sometimes you feel like you are wandering on a path to nowhere, but you just have to keep moving in the right direction. We can’t always see the entire path. Not all who wander are lost!

I learned how to keep moving forward and reinvented myself yet again. I combined my sales experience with my teaching experience and landed in a corporate position in educational publishing.

I learned that I will always be my kids’ mom, but it is now time to be the consultant and not the manager. I fully admit to being a helicopter parent in recovery.  I sent my Favorite Son 1,200 miles away to college this year and………I survived! I am savoring every last minute of these last two years at home with my Favorite Daughter. Everything I know I learned from being a mom. They are the very best part of me.

I’m still learning.

I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, but I sit in a church pew most Sundays because I need all of the help I can get. I don’t hate people because they sin differently than I do.

I used to think I had all of the answers, but I keep coming up with more questions. I think A LOT. I’m finally okay with that.

If I could travel for free, I would pack my bags and you would never see me again.

A book can take you anywhere; hence, I love to read……….usually two or three books at a time.

Today I have the power to change my story. I am writing new chapters and introducing new characters and plot twists. Should be interesting. Stay tuned.

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